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How it works?

Step 1

Select trade in category, brand and model of your old device.

Step 2

Tell us about the condition of your old device. Verify your phone number.

Step 3

Estimated trade-in value of your device. Visit a partner outlet!

Frequently asked questions


Is the trade-in value indicated final?

The trade in value indicated in the confirmation page is an estimate. Final value will be determined based on physical evaluation at partner outlet.

Are all new models available on trade-in offer?

New models offered via trade-in programs will be determined by our partners. Details will be listed on our website.

Do I simply have to pay for the difference?

Absolutely! Select the model of your choice, pay the difference and collect your new device. This is what tradeupgo is all about making trade-inʼs simple for you!

Why do I have to enter my email and phone number?

We want to ensure we are dealing with genuine customers. Each time a customer confirms a trade-in request we estimate requirement and notify the partner outlet.

What models can I trade-in using tradeupgo?

All accepted trade-in brands, models will be listed on our website. This is subject to change at anytime.

Do you offer trade-in categories besides mobile phones?

We hope to offer other categories in the near future. Stay tuned!

Do you accept physically damaged phones for a trade-in?

Physically damaged phones including liquid damages and any form of physical damage (e.g damaged camera, missing keys etc.) will not be eligible for trade-in.